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10 REAL Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer…

bride with her bridesmaids walking

Captured second shooting with Niki Marie Photography


First off, Congratulations on your engagement and I am so excited that you have landed here. Now I want to get REAL with you real quick on the things you SHOULD be asking your future Wedding Photographer. All the time I hear brides when I sit down with them at a consultation say, “Well, I am just not sure WHAT to ask?” or I get a bride that has a notebook FULL of questions!! Either one of these is not the MOST productive way to make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions. Now as I go into my 5th year of wedding photography and have shot 40+ weddings, I have honed down the MOST important questions to ask your Wedding Photographer!

1. FULL GALLERIES… The FIRST and by FAR the most important question I tell ALL of my brides even if they don’t end up booking me is to ask for 2-3 FULL GALLERIES of weddings. It is so easy to showcase 5-20 decent images from a WHOLE wedding but what about the other 95% of that wedding?? This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes that I believe brides make! As a wedding photographer I can tell you that NO photographer should be upset or justify why they can NOT do this. Here are just a few I can show you immediately at any consultation or over email but these links are in my first email back to you when you inquire so you DONT even have to ask!

Katie & Kurt’s October Wedding
Taryn & Jason’s September Wedding
Brooke & Kyle’s Wedding

Full Wedding Gallery


2. ASK ABOUT DIFFERENT LIGHTING CONDITIONS… This one stems off the previous question. The main reason for this is because a photographer can show you BEAUTIFUL galleries of weddings but pay attention to the LIGHTING CONDITIONS. Notice if the whole gallery is done outside in natural light but you have a wedding that is done COMPLETELY indoors. That could be a problem. That photographer might not have the equipment to photograph indoors in a dark reception. Ask to see those images also.

Jamiee + Lucas

3. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR MY PHOTOS TO BE RETURNED? This is different to EVERY photographer depending on their situation and there isn’t a wrong answer it really just depends on how long you would like to wait! The industry average is about a month. My turnaround time is 4 weeks for your online gallery containing all of your images that is ready for IMMEDIATE download. Your album proof if included in your collection will then be ready within 2 weeks of that time (or 6 weeks after wedding) and then as long as there is good communication between us we can get it revised and ordered. The lab takes about 3 weeks for printing and shipping and I will contact you immediately for pick up or I will ship it to you!

4. Again stemming off the previous question… WILL YOU EDIT ALL THE IMAGES? Though this seems like a silly question I have come to find out that some photographers only edit their favorite 50 or so and the rest are returned to you untouched. Now this seems CRAZY TO ME!! You pay me for my art and creativity this means I SHOULD NOT be giving you any image that has not been finished and you WILL NOT get an image that is not edited by me even if it is near perfect out of the camera. I will make sure it is sharpened and enhanced to make it even better!

5. CONTRACT?? This should be a silly question as well but there are still photographers out there that do not use contracts. This should be the largest RED FLAG of all of them! Contracts are used to protect YOU and the Photographer! I will go through every each of my contract with you to ensure you understand everything!

6. INSURED?? This is the next question that will separate the PROFESSIONALS from the Amateurs. I could be here all day telling you why the photographer needs to be insured but a few main reasons are because equipment fails, memory cards get lost, and accidents happen! PLEASE ASK!! Also a lot of venues also require photographers to prove they are insured!

7. WHAT HAPPENS IF PHOTOGRAPHER GETS ILL? I know I kept saying this stems from the other question but this one does to! Easy to flow from one to the next at least :)!! But this is a VERY important question.. I have kids and my own health and though I have NEVER (KNOCK ON WOOD.. No like right now get up and Knock on wood) missed a wedding but I know it can happen! I do though have an AMAZING support system to help with my kids but what if they are in the hospital? I have BACK UP! I ALWAYS have back up! I have networked and made several friends around the area though would be HAPPY to help me out if I am in a pickle. I also always bring an assistant that could step in if I was in a huge pinch!

8.WILL YOU HELP IN THE TIMELINE OF MY DAY?? YES YES YES I WILL!!! PLEASE let me help with the timeline of your day! Trust me any photographer should be completely willing to help you with that! This is the first wedding you have put together most likely but I have been to 20 weddings a year! I know how a wedding should run and when and where you should be during a wedding! I also know how much time it usually takes not how much time you think it will take!:)

9. IS THIS THE ONLY WEDDING YOU WILL SHOOT THIS WEEKEND and WILL YOU BE SHOOTING MY WEDDING?? Now this is another other that a LOT of brides just assume! DON’T!!! A lot of the big name, get DJ, photography, and photo booth all in one stop shop do NOT send their photographer to the meeting nor show you the portfolio from one photographer. What if you guys don’t get along during your wedding? Wouldn’t be the worst thing to have to spend the best day of your life for 8+ hours will someone you DON’T get a long with?? Knowing that you and your photographer are a good match is a VERY IMPORTANT! I will be at the consultation and AT YOUR WEDDING as the lead photographer. You are hiring Kaye’s Photography and I am Kaye!!


10. And the last question I hope you are asking at the end of my consultations… HOW DO I BOOK YOU?!? YAYYY… It just takes a $500 non refundable retainer fee and signing the contract! I cant wait to book your engagement session and start working one on one with you make your wedding day the smoothest day I can make it!!

Thank you so much for reading these and I hope it will help you when meeting with me or other wedding photographers!  Contact me at info@kayesphotography.com or the contact me page ABOVE!!! I cant wait to talk with you and plan your big day!

sarah - what a great idea for a post! these are great questions to consider when newly engaged! so true that couples looking for a photographer don’t always know what to ask. what a great guide you’ve given them.

Shayla - Love this so much! Such a great idea to put in top questions that clients should be asking when booking a photographer for their wedding!

Stephanie Necessary - It’s good to see real questions. So many of the wedding sites have canned lists that are just not ‘real’ questions and brides just don’t realize the traps they can fall into. Great educational blog!

Emily - I love this post! These are great questions to ask your wedding photographer – the list is SO much better than those crazy questionnaires from “The Knot” and such!

Jennifer Parsons - Excellent points!! I especially agree with the full galleries request – SO important! This is a great resource for bride and grooms-to-be!

Celeste | Southern Michigan Newborn Photographer

Celeste was COMPLETELY adorable! Her eyelashes were to die for and though she was not completely loving me moving her every time she gave us so much to work with!! I can NOT wait to watch this little girl grow!!  The one at the end with her daddy is TO DIE FOR!!! newborn in basketopen eye shots of newbornbaby eye lashesbaby on purpleparent shotsbaby girl in dad

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Bentley | Michigan Newborn Photographer

I just fell in love with little Bentley. Sister wasn’t to keen on him yet but I hear she just ADORES him now! I also got to play around with Daddy’s Fireman uniform! I LOVED IT!!

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Jen + Brent | Indian Springs Metropark Michigan Wedding

This year I have been really trying to expand my business and my creative mind. So when Niki Marie Photography asked me to second shoot with her on a few of her wedding in 2014 I was BEYOND excited! (and VERY HONORED!!) I had never been to Indian Springs Metropark before so when I got there I was completely surprised and the more we explored the venue the more we fell in love with it! The amazing fall light that we got also that day added to the whole scene. There were rolling hills like we were out west and even though their were signs about snakes in those hills Jen and Brent were GREAT and trusted us to get these AMAZING shots! I think the best part of the day though was when Cooper joined us right after the ceremony… You could tell that Cooper is their WHOLE life!! Jen’s dress even got dirty from his paws and she didn’t even get upset!! Thank you so much Niki for inviting me!!

bride with bridesmaids getting readybride getting readyBride getting ready with her bridesmaidsbride before ceremonygorgeous bridegroom detailsbride with dadsbride and groom at the alterceremony portraitsdog with bowtiebride and groom with dogbride with her bridesmaids walkingbride with bridesmaids posingbride with bridesmaidsBride laughing with bridesmaidsbridal partybridal partyBridal party pose, pink and grey weddinggroom dipping bridebride and groom under veilJen & Brent | Indian Springs Weddingbride with groom in a fieldJen & Brent | Indian Springs Weddingbride with groom on a log in a fieldbride and groom posingBook your wedding with Kaye’s Photography by emailing me at info@kayesphotography.com or clicking the contact me button above!! I cant wait to plan your wedding with you!